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The Story

It all started as a dream without a name. Born and raised in Rockford, the idea was for that to be included in the name somehow. Screw City? Smokehouse. The name was born.
Later on, in an effort to avoid some confusion with local entities, we decided on a rebrand. Screwhouse Barbecue. A nickname given to us throughout the summer seemed to stick.

Learning how to smoke meats from videos online, trying to recreate what the big shots do. Smoking on a tiny backyard cooker making meats for friends to try. How is it possible the “barbecue” around us isn’t this good? The passion behind it was the real answer.

The goal was to create the best barbecue you can create. How is that done? Live wood fire cooking, where the wood gives off flavors that aren’t possible elsewhere.

Hundreds of hours consuming content from the best in the business - how to trim, how to season, how to manage fires, how to know when it’s ready. The science behind meats, the science behind fire, the science behind the smoke.

It all comes together in the long process. The trim, the seasoning, the cook, the wrap, the rest, the slice, the taste. Unbeatable. It takes a significant effort to reach sliced and plated barbecue from raw and untrimmed.

It would be an honor for your approval.

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